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  • AKCOME Lightweight Bifacial HJT Module passed TÜV Certification!

    Akcome 2022-09-19 0 times

    On September 14, AKCOME's 1.6mm+1.6mm bifacial  double-glass module successfully passed the IEC standard certification test, and was officially corporated into the CDF of AKCOME product certification. In the earlier stage, supported by the marketing as well as supply chain, with the cooperation of all departments with full potential in Zhejiang AKCOME Base, the 1.6mm+1.6mm Bifacial double-glass module has successfully completed small batch trial production and internal reliability verification, thus having the capacity of mass production.


    Loading Testing

    Compared with the conventional 2.0mm+2.0mm bifacial double-glass module, the 1.6mm+1.6mm bifacial double glass module's weight is lighter, about 20% lighter, and is the same as that of conventional 3.2mm single glass module. Although the weight of the module is reduced after the glass is thinned, the load capacity is consistent with the 2.0mm+2.0mm bifacial double-glass module by means of optimizing the frame structure design. Compared with the single glass PERC module with the same weight, its power is increased by more than 20W, and the module efficiency is up to 22.0%. 

    Test Module


    Meanwhile, it is capable of easily coping with various harsh environments such as high level of salt fog, ammonia, sand and dust and high humidity as it has the dual advantages of double glass and HJT. At the same time, its fire rating is A, which is more suitable for household roofs to effectively protect the safety of personnel and property. With 15 years of product material warranty and process warranty, and 30 years of linear power warranty, AKCOME has been striving to creating perfect user experience for customers and maximizing economic value based on product safety.


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