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  • Review 2022 Akcome imprints, and set sail for a better future

    Akcome 2022-12-30 0 times

    Time is in a hurry and the year 2022 is nearing the end. This was an extraordinary year, with the epidemic raging, the world unrest and economic situation complicated at home and abroad. However, new opportunities are also breeded in the crisis, global renewable energy is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. With the forward-looking strategic layout and strong development tenacity, Akcome has grasped the transition opportunities of energy and stepped on the road of high-quality development. 

    The release conference of new products of 700W+ HJT Modules, Hangzhou Future Research Institute officially unveiled, full-scale production of  210 microcrystalline HJT cell, successively winning several photovoltaic demonstration projects, and appearing at International energy exhibitions for multiple times... Many milestone events have witnessed the rapid growth of Akcome. Let's review numerous achievements made by Akcome in 2022 in terms of capacity layout, technological innovation, market development, brand construction and etc.

    Based on Intelligent Manufacturing Base, Accelerating Production Capacity Layout

    In 2022, with the vision of becoming a leading enterprise of high-efficiency HJT cells and modules, Akcome has focused on the development of advanced and efficient manufacturing industry supported by supporting system and frames, with the new generation of high-efficiency HJT technology as a core, based on six high-efficiency industrial intelligent manufacturing bases such as Huzhou, Suzhou, Ganzhou, Zhoushan and Wenzhou. This year, significant progresses have been made in the production capacity construction of various bases of Akcome, the production capacity persisting in a stable and continuous increase, the production capacity construction of the bases such as Huzhou, Zhoushan and Suzhou has been accelerated, which helps Akcome to become the leading enterprise of HJT further.


    ▲ AKCOME HuZhou Industrial Manufacturing Base 

    Next year, Akcome’s high-efficiency photovoltaic cell capacity is planned to be 22.1GW, and module capacity is planned to be 17.7GW. By 2025, Akcome is going to realize 48.9GW in high-efficiency cell capacity and 43.7GW in efficient module capacity.

    Insisted on Technology Leading, Exploring Paths for Cost Reducing and Efficiency Increasing

    As a leading enterprise in new energy industry, Akcome has been insisting on leading by innovation, focusing on R&D and reducing cost in HJT cell and module technologies. In 2022, Akcome has made significant progresses in multiple key technologies such as silicon wafer thinning, less silvering and microcrystalline silicon technology, and has successfully realized reducing cost rapidly in HJT cell technologies. The release conference of new products of 700W+ HJT Modules, full-scale production of 210 half-cut HJT cell and the trial production of 120/100/90μm thickness of HJT cells, have witnessed the breakthrough and innovation of Akcome in high-efficiency HJT technologies.


    ▲ In August, Akcome released 700W+ HJT Modules 

    Through technological innovation, the average production efficiency of Akcome HJT cells reaches 24.7%, the yield rate is up to 99%, the bifaciality is 95%, the average production efficiency of HJT modules reaches 22.53%, and the bifaciality is 87%-92%, which occupying a strong advantage in the industry. In 2023, Akcome will continue to explore and deepen the multiple paths in reducing cost and increasing efficiency such as silver-free copper plating, microcrystalline silicon technology, introduction of indium-free and indium-reducing TCO, and production of thinning wafers within 120um, so as to promote the improvement of HJT efficiency and cost reduction, and help accelerate the arrival of the era of HJT industrialization.


    ▲ AKCOME 90μm flexible HJT Cells 

    Cooperate with central and state-owned enterprises,  to promote demonstration application of HJT

    Akcome has reached strategic cooperation relations with China Resources Power, ZHEJIANG PROVINCIAL ENERGY GROUP, Three Gorges Electric Energy, Power China Construction and other central and state-owned enterprises and local state-owned enterprises in the area of manufacturing bases, focusing on comprehensive business cooperation in photovoltaic, so as to realize win-win cooperation. 


    ▲Akcome won bidding for National Energy Group Modules

    At the same time of deep cooperation with state-owned enterprises, Akcome also actively participated in the bidding projects of demonstration experiment bases of photovoltaic power stations, to promote demonstration application of high-efficiency HJT projects. In 2022, Akcome has successively won the bidding for the HJT Module Project of Yellow River Hydro-power Phase II Light Storage Demonstration Experiment Base of State Power Investment Corporation Limited and the Project of HJT Modules, flat Uni-axial Tracking Supporting System and Flexible Fixed Supporting System Project of Ganzi Zhengdou Photovoltaic Demonstration Experiment Base of State Power Investment Corporation Limited Sichuan Company, which have provided powerful impetus for technological progresses and achievement transformation of China's photovoltaic industry.

    Exploiting overseas markets and accelerating global strategic layout

    Based on the latest ranking of global photovoltaic module manufacturing suppliers in the fourth quarter of 2022, recently published by BloombergNEF, a world famous research institution. With strong corporate strength and reliable product quality, Akcome is ranked on the first echelon (Tier1) of global photovoltaic module suppliers again. The appraisal of Global Tier1 Photovoltaic Module Manufacturers fully demonstrates the high recognition for the comprehensive strength and market competitiveness of Akcome from international professional research institution.


    ▲ Akcome is ranked on the list of BNEF Global PV Module Suppliers (Tier1) again 

    At present, Akcome has produced, researched and developed high-efficiency and reliable HJT cells and module products covering the market demands in an all-round way, and the products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions on five continents. In order to increase the pace of globalization strategy, Akcome has set up 11 global business strongholds around the world such as Germany, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico,Poland and etc.,which can realize rapid responses to project demands from global partners. Next, Akcome will accelerate to promote the global business expansion, cultivate Europe, Asia Pacific, America, Central and East Africa and other major regional markets, provide efficient and reliable modules and services for global customers.


    ▲ In September, Akcome appeared at Japan World Energy Expo

    Strengthening brand construction and sharing collective honors and achievements 

    After 17 years of development and sedimentation, Akcome has won many honors at home and abroad successively, by virtue of its powerful comprehensive strength and brand influence, realizing the continuous transition and upgrading of brand value. In terms of enterprise strength, Akcome has successively won domestic and foreign authoritative awards such as PVBL Global Photovoltaic Top 100, China Energy Enterprises Top 500, Suzhou Top 100 Private Enterprises, 2022 Impact Photovoltaic New-type PV Cell/Module & PV Mounting System Brand Award and etc. The comprehensive strength and brand value of the enterprise have been widely recognized by the society. 


    PVBL Global Top 100 Solar PV Brands


    PVBL Global Product Practice Case Award

    In terms of product innovation, Akcome has successively won 2022 TÜV HJT PV Module Energy Yield Simulation Award, Photovoltaic Module Technology Breakthrough Award, and The Most Innovative Cell/ Module/Mounting System Enterprise, and other professional awards in photovoltaic industry. Technical superiority and product reliability of Akcome have been unanimously recognized by the photovoltaic market. Honors, are not only a witness to Akcome's growth and achievements, but also a source of driving force for Akcome's advancement and development.


    ▲ AKCOME won The Most Innovative Cell/ Module/Mounting System Enterprise

    Spurring with long accumulation can make the development stable and farther. In the future, Akcome will continue to cultivate the photovoltaic industry, with original heart of “creating and leading high-efficiency new energy” , focus on the core business of new energy manufacturing and new energy services, continue to make efforts from the dimensions of products, technologies, productions and services, and provide high-quality, high-efficiency and high-guarantee photovoltaic solutions for global customers, and built up for promoting the objective of global green and low carbon transformation.


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