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  • Akcome Is In Full Bloom At The Green Power 2023 in Poland!

    Akcome 2023-05-18 0 times

    From May 16th to 18th, Europe-wide attention gathered at Poznan International Exhibition Center where the Green Power 2023 brought excellent examples of renewable energy to European residents. Akcome, together with a full series of AK iPower, AK iTopper, AK iChaser modules, is grandly presented at Hall 8A, Nr25, sharing innovative technologies and efficient products with global customers, helping the high-quality development of energy industry in Eastern Europe and talking about the green future of Europe.

    Green Power is the largest and most influential renewable energy exhibition in Poland and an important platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the Polish and Central and Eastern European markets. Each year, the exhibition attracts many international enterprises to exhibit the latest products and cutting-edge technologies on site, and attracts industry experts, distributors, service providers and terminal sellers from Poland and neighboring countries to discuss cooperation and business negotiation.


    ▲Akcome Presented at Green Power 2023 in Poland

    Adhering to the globalization development strategy, Akcome has been deeply cultivating the European photovoltaic market for a long time, keeping pace with the changes of European market demand. In this exhibition, Akcome presents high-efficiency N-type and P-type modules, which meet the diversified product needs of overseas customers. Akcome's star product, 700W heterojunction module, was unveiled with its ultra-high power and advanced heterojunction technology. This product is a highly efficient heterojunction product of AK iPower 7.0 series 210-66-700W, suitable for large-scale ground power station application scenarios. This module is equipped with 66 pieces of G12 heterojunction cells, half-chip double-glass process, and the efficiency up to 22.54%. The large size brings the power upgrade, and the power exceeds 700W. In addition, it combines multiple advantages of short manufacturing process, low temperature coefficient, high double-sided rate, high power generation and high reliability, which can bring lower BOS cost and better LCOE for global customers.


    ▲Akcome Star 700W Ultra High Power HJT Module

    In order to match the overseas needs of distributed projects, Akcome launched N-Type 182-54-430W modules of AK iTopper Series. The product is a series of all-black modules with 1722x1134x30 mm small size, and the weight is only 24.5 KG. This module is based on the N-type TOPCon efficient technology. It uses 54 pieces of 182 mm cells. The power is up to 430 W and the efficiency is up to 22.02%. This double-glass all-black module product is small, lightweight, and flexible in transportation and installation, with architectural aesthetic characteristics, which is favored by field customers.


    ▲AK iTopper Series TOPCon module

    As the largest coal producer in the European Union, Poland is located at the intersection of the three major power systems in Western, Eastern and Northern Europe, where the power supply mainly depends on coal. Facing the pressure of EU emission reduction, the global energy shortage and the soaring price of coal and electricity, the Polish government has begun to encourage investment in the development of clean energy such as solar energy and offshore wind energy. In order to promote the development of renewable energy, Poland supports the development of industrial and commercial industries and large-scale power station projects through the auction system of renewable energy, and promulgates policies such as net metering electricity price and high subsidies to promote the development of household market. According to EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2022-2026, released by SolarPower Europe, Poland has become the top three photovoltaic markets in Europe with 4.9GW of new PV installed capacity. According to SPF forecast, Poland will add 21.8 GW of PV installed capacity between 2023 and 2026, representing a compound annual growth rate of 29% and the PV market is developing strongly.


    ▲ Akcome salesman introduced products to audience

    In this exhibition, Akcome's high-efficiency modules attracted the attention of the industry and attracted many exhibitors and distributors all over the country to visit the booth and negotiate. Akcome Sales conducted efficient product explanation to the on-site audience and warmly received many high-quality distributors, installers and manufacturers. A number of strategic cooperation has been achieved on the spot, with fruitful results.


    In the future, Akcome will adhere to the global layout and localization action strategy, based on the headquarters base in Zhangjiagang, China, focusing on the layout of Europe, Asia, America and other overseas regions, continuously radiate the surrounding emerging photovoltaic market, and bring efficient N-type photovoltaic module products and photovoltaic solutions to global customers, to make contributions to the global green and low-carbon development process.


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