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  • PVPMC CHINA 2023 Experts Visit AKCOME Changxing Base!

    Akcome 2023-11-13 0 times

    PVPMC CHINA 2023

    From November 12 to 13, PVPMC CHINA 2023 was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. This Symposium is co-sponsored by Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Research, Sandia National Laboratory of the United States and Solar Energy Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology, aiming to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements to production lines and promote the development and progress of photovoltaic industry. As a leader in the industry, AKCOME was honored to receive a seminar expert group for a visit and technical exchange at AKCOME Changxing Base.


    As an important event of the photovoltaic industry, the forum invited photovoltaic experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and representatives of enterprises in the industry from all over the world to participate in the forum to share the first-hand measured data of all links of photovoltaic, the ecological platform established around the next generation of photovoltaic technology, the test and evaluation of new technologies, and the exploration and results release of smart energy and energy storage technology. Several major topics were discussed, including "Solar Resource Data and Prediction", "Modeling Software Upgrade", "Modeling Methods and Case Studies", "Photovoltaic Monitoring for Attenuation", "New Photovoltaic Technology", "Photovoltaic Grid Connection", "Pollution", and "Photovoltaic and Energy Storage", and the future development blueprint of the photovoltaic industry was jointly planned.





    One of the important agenda of this forum is to visit Zhejiang Akcome Optronics Science &Technology Co., Ltd. As a famous photovoltaic enterprise in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Akcome Optronics Science &Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience and advanced technology in the photovoltaic field. Zhang Qiangming, head of AKCOME's technical support team, and his party warmly received the expert group, and led the expert group to visit the production line of Huzhou AKCOME, and introduced the latest technical development of AKCOME Technology in detail.







    According to Gong Peng, chief engineer of AKCOME’s technical support team, Huzhou Changxing Base, as the key strategic layout base of AKCOME, is an N-Type module industrial base jointly built by Zheneng Electric Power and other capitals. The production capacity of the base is planned to be 8.8 GW high-efficiency NType cells and 4 GW high-efficiency NType modules project in 2023. As a pioneer of HJT cell technology, AKCOME focuses on reducing cost and increasing efficiency of HJT technology. This year, it has made great progress in the core measures of cost reduction and efficiency increase, such as thinner cell, surface microcrystallization, less silver paste, indium-free TCO and perovskite-HJT tandem, and good achievements have been made in the deep research of surface microcrystallization technology, SuperMulti-Busbar (SMBB) technology and 0-Busbar (0BB) technology in especial. In terms of module technology, AKCOME introduces bifacial surface microcrystallization technology, and utilized light coversion film and double AR layer coating glass, so that the CTM of the module reaches more than 99%. In the exploration of SMBB and 0BB technology field, AKCOME AK iPower 7.0 series 66-version module deeply applies SMBB technology, with the maximum power breaking through 720 W and the average power of 705 W in mass production. Through the application and development of 0BB technology, AKCOME takes the lead in launching AK iPower 7.0 series HJT 0BB module with power up to 730 W and conversion efficiency breaking through 23.5%. 0BB technology can reduce the cost of silver paste by 0.02-0.03 yuan/W. 0BB technology is superimposed with 30% silver-clad copper paste, and the final metallization cost of HJT is estimated to be about 0.04-0.05 yuan/W, which will greatly promote the industrialization development of HJT to a new dimension and inject vigorous power for the development of the whole photovoltaic industry.







    During the visit, many overseas experts and scholars said that they deeply felt the spirit of scientific research and development of Chinese enterprises during the visit, and expressed appreciation for the advanced technology and production process of AKCOME. In the future, AKCOME will continue to be committed to technical innovation and product upgrading to provide more efficient and reliable photovoltaic products and services to global customers. At the same time, AKCOME will also strengthen cooperation and exchange with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and enterprises to jointly promote the prosperity and development of photovoltaic industry.


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