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  • Akcome won "Hot Dry Climate · Outdoor Demonstration Award(HJT)"

    Akcome 2023-05-29 0 times

    On May 25, the “Product Evaluation” award jointly launched by Solarbe and China General Certification Center (CGC) was issued at Shanghai SNEC Expo. As one of the leading heterojunction field enterprises, with its reliable product quality and strong R&D strength, Akcome stands out from many module manufacturers and won the “Hot Dry Climate · Outdoor Demonstration Award (HJT).

    The product evaluation is called “Treasure Evaluation” action. From the perspective of a professional third party and under the principles of fairness, justice and transparency, the working group tests and evaluates the products of the selected enterprises, focuses on the two dimensions of power generation performance and reliability, evaluates and selects “localized” international brand modules, and China General Certification Center issues the final evaluation report and analysis. Select a true brand of high-quality and efficient module products.


    This time, the Akcome heterojunction (HJT) module conducted the actual verification on the outdoor power generation capacity and power degradation of the module in the outdoor demonstration base of dry and hot climate (Zhangbei, Hebei). Aiming at the demonstration field of outdoor natural aging of photovoltaic modules, materials and modules, and according to the evaluation standard for evaluating the performance and reliability of the photovoltaic system, and collecting and analyzing outdoor empirical data, The final conclusion is: Akcome heterojunction (HJT) module products perform well in the integrated power generation performance of dry-hot climate modules.

    As the first photovoltaic enterprise to enter the competition track of heterojunction modules, Akcome has deeply cultivated heterojunction battery and module technology for many years, and has accumulated rich technical experience in the technical field of heterojunction battery module. The power of the latest generation of AK iPower 7.0 series heterojunction high-efficiency modules of Akcome can reach 720W. This module carries 66 210mm heterojunction cells. the conversion efficiency is up to 23.2%; The module adopts low-temperature round wire welding tape and low-temperature soldering flux. the amorphous silicon layer structure is less damaged, the reliability is higher; the double-sided ratio of the module is more than 90 percent, a higher internal rate of return can be generated. 

    At the 2023 SNEC Exhibition in Shanghai, Akcome unveiled AK iPower 7.0 series heterojunction busbar-free bifacial double-glass module. This module adopts G12 high-efficiency cell and 0BB technology. The design mode without main grid of the cell effectively reduces the grid line shading area on the surface of the cell, and at the same time, the superposition of 100um silicon wafer, phototransfer film, microcrystalline technology and other advanced technology, so that the conversion efficiency of this module breakthrough 23.5%, the maximum power breakthrough reaches 730W, in the exhibition scene can be said to be absorbing countless. 

    In the future, Akcome will continue to lead to the construction of an orderly, regular and mutually beneficial symbiotic development model, and help realize the goal of global carbon neutrality as soon as possible. 


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